penalty point standard Advantage point Standard




Penalty point

Breaking the Law Theft (food in the common refrigerator, mail, laundry and laundry related items, etc.) Termination of Occupancy
Outrageous and violent behaviour
The use, possession, and/or distribution of illicit drugs
Entry Trespassing
Residents may not enter the other gender's room
Duplicating and/or transferring fo ID cards is prohibited.
Residents may not allow non-residents to stay in their rooms overnight
Altering ID cards and manipulating passing records
Residents must not change or swap their room assignments
Entering with non-residents 70~Termination of occupancy
Manipulating the door-lock system. 50~termination of occupancy
Loss of ID card 10 each
Non-possession of ID card 3 each
Staying Out Overnight Staying out overnight without report 10 each
Excessively staying out overnight (over 10 times per month)
Drinking Drinking in school (including around the House 50~termination of occupancy
Inappropriate behavior after drinking
Risk of Fire Smoking
Cooking (Exception : guest room)
Prohibited electrical appliances
Facilities Damage to the House Facilities Termination of Occupancy (re-admission forbidden)
Failure to clean when Checking-our (re-admission forbidden)
Uncleanliness 20 each
Decorating and Painting Room
Attaching or distributing notices or posters without permission
Trash Abandoning trash in front of the room and/or shared spaces (including public bathroom)
Throwing away trash not in the designated trash area
throwing away trash out the window
Not separating recyclable materials 10 each
Insincere Administrative Behaviour Failure of payment by the established deadlines 30
Not following administrative procedures ( delaying or not submitting related documents, not following room check-out procedures, etc)
false statements in the application form
other Domestic Regulations Other behavioral disorders in the House (e.g.: attempting suicide or creating a disturbance, threatening of murder or blackmail, disobeying regulations) Termination of occupancy(re-admission forbidden)
Not follwing guidance and displaying disobedience 50~termination of occupancy
Selling of merchandise
Raising pets
Other misbehaviors (e.g.: spreading viruses, using fixed IP, viewing pornography in public places, etc)
Singing loudly (Lobby, around the House )
Not attending floor meetings without reason 10 each
Not following fixed dates and regulations/notices