All rooms are western style equipped with shoe rack, heated floor, air conditioner, electronic lock, window shade, curtain, LAN connection for Internet use(students should purchase their own cable) and small refrigerator (only guest and single rooms). Each resident is provided with single size bed (includes pillow, linen, sheet, etc.), small wardrobe, desk and desk lamp, chair, and book case.

Residents are responsible to clean their room and purchase material for its daily `maintenance such as toilet paper, cleaning products, bathroom slippers, etc. Due to the space provided no additional furniture is permitted; cooking material (i.e. hot plates, irons, toasters, etc.) is not allowed in the room since its sanitary hazard. Neither smoking nor drinking is allowed in the house building.

Each room has one telephone connected to a central switchboard that only accommodates incoming calls. The dorm has several pay phones for student use. Outgoing local calls or international "cash card" calls may also be placed at the phones in the lobby.

Residents are responsible for purchasing their own meals. There is no meal plan, but there are many alternatives. Students may buy their meals in one of the college cafeterias, or in the university area's many restaurants. There is a shared-refrigerator space for storing milk, bread, or other perishables. Nearby bakeries have coffee and rolls for breakfast. A variety of different restaurants offer delivery service including pizza, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, fast food, etc. At the student cafeterias meals are available at reasonable prices (4 USD approximately); most residents can live with monthly meal budget 400 USD.




SK Global House

International House

Lounge Equipped with water purifier, computer, & TV Each Floor (ex. B2) Each Floor
Video room Equipped with TV and sofa
Study room Equipped with desk & chair Each Floor (ex. B1/B2)
Seminar room Equipped with desk & chair Each Floor Lobby Floor
Fitness Center Equipped with various sports equipment B2 Floor
Multi-media room Equipped with computers & printer B2 Floor Basement
Kitchen Kitchen sink, microwave, refrigerator B3 Floor
Music room Equipped with sound-proof B3 Floor
Hall Equipped with sound-proof B3 Floor



shop For

Operating Hours



Cafe Kinni   8 am to 8 pm 070-4110-6200  
GS25 24 hours convenient store 24 hours 02-363-1442 gs
La Fleur Flower shop 11 am to 7 pm 02-2123-8262 la
Caribou Coffee & Catering 7 am to 10 pm 02-2123-8263 cari
Nail Olive Nail care shop 11 am to 9 pm 02-2123-8273 nail
Barunson Stationery shop 9 am to 9 pm 070-8899-8644 baru
Burger n Shake Burger shop 9 am to 9 pm 02-313-6857 burger