■ Regulations




Penalty Point

the Laws

Any involvement in illegal deed;
     - Use, possession and/or distribution of illicit drugs
     - Theft
     - Outrageous and violent behavior
     - Gambling, etc.

of occupancy



of occupancy

Entering the other gender’s room (both SK G-House and I-House)
Entering the other gender’s and/or floor (SK G-House : allowed 8am to 10pm, prohibited in I-House)

Allowing non-residents to stay overnight in their room

Duplication and /or transferring of Room card key

Altering Room card key and manipulating passing records

Changing or swapping their room assignments without permission

Altering the door lock

Room card key sharing

30 each

Jumping over the gate (SKG-House)

Loss of Room card Key

10 each


Entering with non-residents without logging
(Visiting available from 8am to 10pm, for 2 hours)

of occupancy


Drinking in school (including SK G-House and I-House)

50~Termination of occupancy

Keeping alcohol in the House

Inappropriate behavior after drinking

Risk of Fire


50~Termination of occupancy

Cooking except in the shared kitchen (SK G-House) and at the lounge (I-House)

Bring-in or use of inflammables

Bring-in explosives

Using prohibited electrical appliances


Damage to the House facilities

Termination of occupancy
(re-admission forbidden)

Failure to clean the room for checking-out

Re-admission forbidden


20 each

Decorating or painting room

Attaching or distributing notices or posters without permission


Abandoning trash in front of the room and/or shared spaces (including public bathroom)

20 each

Not placing trash in the plastic bags or paper boxes

Throwing away trash out the window

Not separating recyclable materials

10 each

Other domestic regulations

Other behavioral disorders in the House (e.g. attempting suicide or creating a disturbance, threatening of murder or blackmail, disobeying regulations)

Termination of occupancy
(re-admission forbidden)

Selling of merchandise

50~Termination of occupancy


Raising pets

Spreading viruses, using other IP, viewing pornography in public places, etc

Singing loudly or making noise (inside or around the House, including on the grass)

Any other deed that bothers/ harms other people or atmosphere of the house

Spread personal information

Failure in payment by the designated deadline

30 each

Not following fixed dates and regulations/notices

Not hand-in the required document


If ones are ordered to eviction due to regulation violation, the House is not obliged to refund the housing fee. Those evicted are not allowed to move in for any semesters thereafter.