• SK Global House deposit serves as a combination of reservation and damage deposit. It is refunded to the student or carried forward to next session as a reservation deposit upon request when all financial obligations of the resident are paid and the contract is fulfilled. A deposit refund may be forfeited, reduced, or held for the following reasons (but not limited to):


    Failure to properly check out of the SK Global House II.

    Damages (including uncleanness) to the SK Global House II. room

    Expulsion from the university

    Breaking a contract/lease

    Failure to request the deposit within 15 days of check out



    The deposit will be refunded to the student upon online request through the housing account when all financial obligations of the resident are paid and the contract is fulfilled. SK Global House II charges, including damages will be deducted from the deposit. Any amount remaining from the deposit will be returned to the resident.



    1. Login to 'My Housing Account'.

    2. In "My Housing Application(s) and Financial Account, select the application page that carries your deposit, i.e., the most recent staying term's application.

    3. Click on the "Deposit Carry-forward/Refund Request" button at the bottom of the page.

    4. Click on "refund" menu.

    5. Choose the method of receiving the deposit; Refunds can be

    a) wired to the student's bank account in KOREA, or


    b) mailed in the form of money order in USD (only if the recipient name in English and his/her foreign mailing address is given).


    NOTE: If money order is chosen, applicants should address an air-mail envelop with their own language. Air-mail envelops are available on information desk. If wire-transfer is chosen, they should upload or submit the copy of their bank book or the backside of student ID to the information desk (Fax:6442-7481(Local),82-2-6442-7481(Overseas), E-mail:y-ih@yonsei.ac.kr).


    6. Submit request. The refund process will take between six to eight weeks after the request has been made or after the actual vacate date, whichever is later.



    NOTE: Your application without deposit transfer/payment will not be processed.


    If the transfer is made before check-out inspection as a resident continues to stay without vacation period, then, the full amount of deposit before SK Global House II charges will be transferred upon the transfer request. After the check-out inspection report for the previous room is completed, the student will be billed for the charges, if any.


    NOTE: After completing and signing the refund request form, a newSK Global House II application with the required deposit must be submitted to reapply for SK Global House II.


    Requests for a deposit refund must be submitted via online by the following dates: