■ Check in & out


1) Check in

a. When


b. Where

  • - SK Global House residents - SK Global House front desk
  • - International house residents - International House front desk


c. Requirements

  • - A photocopy of your passport
  • - Tuberculosis test report


d. Notice

  • - You cannot move in before the move-in day.
  • - Tuberculosis test: For the safety of all residents of the House, we require you to do tuberculosis test
      (by chest x-ray, skin test or blood test) and submit the result report when you check in.

      The test should be taken within 2 months prior to the check-in date. Your record of vaccination to
      tuberculosis is NOT acceptable. If you do not submit the acceptable report, you cannot check in.
      Please get it ready before check in which proves that you are negative to tuberculosis.
  •   Telephone : 82 -2-2123-7481 or 82-2-2123-4616
      Email: skghouse@yonsei.ac.kr, or ihouse@yonsei.ac.kr


e. Check-In Procedure

checkin procedure


2) Check out

a. When

  • - On the designated check-out day (check the Housing schedule)
  • - Time : From 9am to 11am
  • - Please inform us in advance if you check out in a different time
    You would receive the room inspection individually.


b. How

  • - Room inspection by Housing staff with your check-out sheet is required before you leave the House.


c. Check-Out Procedure

checkout procedure