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From the Incheon International Airport

We strongly recommend that you take the airport limousine bus
below to the destination.

Inchoen International Airport Bus Information: Click

Limousine Bus

Bus No.


Bus Stop No.

5B, 12A


Ewha Women’s Univ. Back Gate

Running hr.

05:25 ~ 20:50


20 ~ 30 min



Airport Railroad Express AREX information: Click
Incheon Int'l Airport --> Transfer Line 2 (green line), station of 'Hongik University
--> Get off at 'Sinchon' (Exit 3) to Yonsei Main Gate by walk or take a taxi
--> Get off at 'Ewha Womans University (Exit 1) --> Take Green Bus no 7017
Subway nearby

Sinchon Station   routemap

Buses available from

Yonsei Main Gate

272, 470, 601, 606, 707, 672, 673, 710, 6714, 7024,7737


Sinchon Subway Station

  7024, 05 (Maul Bus Seodaemun)

Buses reach at

Yonsei East Gate/Ewha Univ Back Gate/Yonsei Alumni Hall:

606, 6714, 7017, 7024, 751, 7737, 161, 272, 370, 470, 601, 708, 9600, 9602

Bus info.

Transport Operation and Information Service (Seoul)


Regular taxi (Il-Bahn Taxi, 일반택시),

it will cost approximately 60,000 KRW to go directly from the airport to Yonsei University.


Deluxe taxi (Mo-Boem-Taxi, 모범택시),

it is black in color and will cost about 75,000 KRW.


The taxi fare may vary depending on traffic.


Before you arrive, please verify the location of International House or your destination on the map available at the following website (http://www.yonsei.ac.kr/en_sc/intro/directions1.jsp).


Print a copy of the map to show the taxi driver




■ Access to SK Global House During construction (until August 2016)

    room types

  * Acess to SK Global House (since May 2015 until Dec. 2016).pdf